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 Contest rewards

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PostSubject: Contest rewards   Contest rewards Icon_minitimeThu Jul 31, 2008 5:05 pm

Since DailySportsWorld is back up, I will start a weekly contest that users can submit their contest ideas. So I will go thru the contest forum every week and look at the submitted contests from users. Then I will make a thread with the submitted contests of the week and have users vote for the contest of the week. I will be giving points to contest winners based on the amount I put on the contest. The contest author will not be able to participate in the contest but will be rewarded for making the contest. There is a limit of 1 contest submission per week, per user.

The rewards:

-Colored user name(Red, green, blue not available due to admin/mod colors)
-Customized rank
-Your own group you can manage

The above rewards cost a certain amount of points. Once you bought a group, you will be able to keep it. The customized rank and colored user name will only last for a certain amount days till you have to buy it again with contest points. I will put point prices on the rewards soon.

The contest rewards will start soon when we have more users coming on the forum. I might change/add rewards in the future but for now these are the contest rewards.
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Contest rewards
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